Have you ever seen levitate a flour? No? I tried it and wrote a thesis of bachelor about it! And since I have a lot of nice photos and videos and it would be pitty to put it in the archive, where nobody will ever see it again, I’ve decided to share my six-month effort with you, with all of you! :-)

You have definitely seen non-levitating flour before. One grain is so small that it’s hardly to see. Therefore, we need a strong light source to illuminate, ideal is laser.

At the bottom of the image you can see levitating flour illuminated with green laser, in the middle and up you can see reflections of grains on glass aquarium.

Have you ever heard that physicists like to play? It’s true! Some physicists like playing and they are playing very often. Especially members of UDiF. Among them is the prof. Tomas Tyc, who was supervisor of my thesis.

The photo is focused on the first reflection on the glass aquarium and not on the flour itself.

Shining grains of flour like stars in the sky. Well, that’s nice, but that’s it? That’s all? Of course not! It can always be more complicated and more beautiful, when there is physics behind it! Check out the menu at the top, there is much more.

Like stars in the sky. :-)

I tried to write this page popularly for readers without deep knowledge of physics. Therefore I appeal on eventual physicists to close their eyes over some scientific inaccuracies and just enjoy this ride with us. If you find a mistakes, either grammatical or physical or any other, feel free to write me a comment. I will be greatful for any proposal to improve. :-)

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