About me

I assume, that when you click on the ”About Me” you want to know something about the author of this page. Well, what I could tell about myself? :-)

My name is Jarda and I love physics. :-) During writing my Bachelors thesis I was (surprisingly) the bachelor student of Physics at the Masaryk University in Brno. I can show you my profile photo to recognize me, when we meet on the street. :-)

Is that enough? Or do you want to know something more? :-)

If you liked this site, feel free to spread it further. But, please use this link: www.udif.cz/paultrap instead. I hope soon all technical problems will be solved, so I can move this page where it belongs, on the web of UDiF. UDiF is a great bunch of people demonstrating and popularizing science experiments for schools and the public. I am glad that I can be part of this group. :-)

If someone wanted to read my bachelor thesis, it’s here, videos you may find there or on youtube. But it’s in czech.

And that’s really all from me.

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