Have you noticed, at the beginning of our journey, that by charging the flour with a wand of Harry Potter, thanks to the magic (we physicists say electric) power, “living” grains holds above? There is created a hill, from which trapped flour rides down as childrens on a sleigh in the winter? I did not notice that for the first time. I realize it after some time, when I played with all of this. :-) And here’s the result!

Another phenomenon will be called the wave.

The Wave! Where does it came from? Well you can try to find out it for yourself. Take a piece of paper, a pencil and start to draw a line, go back and forth with pencil, oscillating like “living” particle, and then pull the paper smoothly out perpendicular to the direction of your hand’s oscillation. If you succeeded, you should get similar picture as you saw above. :-) It is created by composition of two motions, of oscilation of pen and of moving paper. Wave is nothing more but moving and vibrating particle.

View of entire trap during charging.

The picture above shows several interesting things:

  1. In the middle of the picturee there are relatively small waves. The reason might be that the field is weak in this region or perhaps because we are looking at them in wrong direction. They can oscillate back and forth toward to us, but that is movement we can’t see and then it look this way … Or maybe it is due to something else. :-)
  1. In the middle of the picture there are waves that are falling down out of the trap. Above HP wand grains remain still, because they are support by magic (or electric power). As soon as they ride down the hill, where magic and witchcraft no longer works, they are no longer charged enough to remain in the trap. This is the very point, where they are overwhelmed by their ancient enemy, gravity, and they are draged down. Peace to their souls.
  1. On the right side of the picture we can see another strange wave. It has different size of arcs. Its origin isn’t clear to me, but I think it is just “unfinished” triangle, which is upside down.

Great cluster of floating flour. This picturee I leave without comment. :-)

And how does the waves looks like in real time? Check out the video below. :-)

There is question for you related to this last picture of this section. How did this strange phenomenon arise on the right side of the picture at the firs place? Write me your estimates in a comments below.

On the right side of the picture is a puzzle for you. :-)

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